About the Smartshop-smartshop® online store

We are the Smartshop-smartshop® online store team that has been improving the lives of all lovers of seeds and this movement for a long time.

IMPORTANT! Hemp seeds do not contain cannabis, which does not violate the norms of Ukrainian legislation. All products sold by us are legal and authorized for sale. More details > Information about the law.

What can we offer

The Smartshop-smartshop® online store is not just a platform for selling goods of a certain group. Our team understands all the ins and outs of the seed world, sharing their knowledge with others and supporting the rasta culture. On our site you can:
● buy elite and medical seeds of various varieties;
● purchase related accessories;
● learn the necessary rules for growing, storing, eating;
● read about new products in our blog;
● chat with like-minded people, share your experience or learn from professionals.
We work with the best seed breeders, maintain and establish new contacts. It is very easy to buy seeds from well-established seed banks or independent breeders - you just need to contact the managers of our online store.

Why buy seeds at Smartshop-smartshop®

Our team is constantly working to improve customer service, making Smartshop-smartshop® the best seed store.
At your disposal:
1. Intuitive website interface;
2. Convenient product catalog, divided into groups, subgroups, etc.;
3. Smart search for all varieties of seeds and accessories for them, product comparison tools;
4. Filter products according to the parameters you need, feedback form, payment methods and other features.
The Smartshop-smartshop® online store does not stop improving. We are constantly working on the modernization of our resource, taking into account the suggestions and wishes of our customers.
One significant advantage of buying seeds at Smartshop-smartshop® is privacy! We never collect or share information with third parties. The algorithm of our site encrypts all the information it receives, and even if it is hacked, attackers will not be able to find out the data of our customers. Safety is above all!

Profitable cooperation

Turning to Smartshop-smartshop® - the best online store for collectors, you have the opportunity to:
● buy seeds at the best price on the market;
● order seeds exactly corresponding to the characteristics indicated on the site;
● use the system of bonuses and rewards for our clients;
● anonymously make a purchase;
● quickly get the product you like;
If you have any questions, please contact us in any way convenient for you. We will always help, listen to your suggestions, prompt and provide you with all the information you are interested in regarding the work of our IM.
We value every client. See for yourself - contact Smartshop-smartshop®.