Hemp Seeds Bulk Discount

Auto Fred Haze Feminised (50 шт)
8 797.00грн.
Auto Gagarin Feminised (50 шт)
10 710.00грн.
Auto Gorilla Feminised (50)
7 075.00грн.
Auto Positive feminised (50 шт)
8 976.00грн.
Hemp Seeds Bulk Discount

High quality cannabis seeds in bulk and at a great price

The big ship is advised to go on a big voyage, and growers with big plans are advised to buy cannabis seeds in bulk from a trusted seed shop and become the owner of a super-femme with an enviable commercial potential. The Smartshop-smartshop® online store presents options with packaging from 50 to 500 pieces. This is a planting material with great power, vitality and a desire to reward a caring gardener with a fleshy harvest.

Why shopping at Smartshop-smartshop® is profitable

5 reasons why our clients come back to us again and again:

The highest quality. Our assortment includes seeds brought directly from Europe and South America. We cooperate only with trusted seed banks. They give an honest guarantee on every feminized seed, which you can certainly use in case of an emergency.

Great discounts. You can buy hemp seeds from us: wholesale, by the piece or in a package - any option on favorable terms. Depending on the required quantity, we can offer a discount of up to 70%!

A large assortment. In the presence of seeds of medical varieties of hemp, strains, as close as possible in composition to landraces, lively sativa-dominant and tenacious indica-dominant strains, hybrids for every taste, as well as everything for growing hemp with the possibility of sending to any country.

Anonymity and security. Regardless of the size of the order, we guarantee that we will not distribute information about our customers and protect their data from outsiders.

Thoughtful service. We love our customers, so we put a gift even in the smallest package!

What varieties of seeds can be bought in bulk

Gagarin is one of the most famous hybrids. It does not require special care, so it is recommended even for beginner growers. "Gagarin" gives a strong effect - it contains THC up to 31%. In terms of yield, it also breaks records: from one square. m, you can collect up to 600 g of the product, and from a bush - up to 180 g. Its main feature is the possibility of using it for medical purposes. Strain is prescribed for patients with glaucoma. It helps with bronchial asthma, epilepsy and reduces the rate of progression of Parkinson's disease.

Fred Haze is a top cannabis strain. Suitable for both outdoors and indoors. Of all the Haze varieties, it is considered the most productive: with proper care during flowering, the bushes can even break from the heaviness of flowers, so it is recommended to tie them up. It combines the genes of sativa and indica, thanks to which it gives first a powerful energy effect, which is replaced by deep relaxation.

Gorilla is one of the powerful cannabis strains. You can order marijuana seeds of this strain wholesale in Ukraine if you dream of becoming the owner of a variety with great recreational and medical potential. The buds contain up to 23% THC, which allows the variety to be used in the fight against depression.

Positive is an energetic sativa-dominant hybrid. It has a powerful and high-long effect, similar to the dynamic Jamaican Sativa. Has THC 28%.

Become the owner of a beautiful green garden that delights the grower with its fragrant fruits! And our seed shop will help you with this!

Is it safe to buy hemp seeds in bulk in Ukraine

Yes, in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries, ordering cannabis seeds in any quantity is absolutely legal. There are no psychoactive substances in hemp seeds, their use does not cause euphoria, so buying them is considered as legitimate and commonplace as buying food, dietary supplements, pet food or souvenirs for friends.

However, we respect the desire of our clients to remain incognito, so we adhere to the following rules:

We send parcels in inconspicuous containers. They are airtight, completely protect the goods from external influences and do not attract the attention of postal workers and curious passers-by.

We delete customer data immediately after delivery of the package.

We do not call for engaging in illegal activities in the territory of those countries where it is prosecuted by law. All information presented on the site is published for informational purposes only. You can buy marijuana seeds in bulk and receive a parcel in any country in the world.