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The smoking gun is certainly a useful device that was not previously freely available. A few years ago, you had to make the cap yourself, using foil, wine corks, sewing thimbles, or plumbing parts twisted in a certain way. Now you can easily purchase the appropriate supply in the Smartshop-smartshop® store, depriving yourself of the torment of cutting out corks and holes in metal, assembling foil, etc.

Types of supplies and operating principle

The use of a bulbulator is integral to the thimble. These devices are always used together. The old school principal is quite simple - a small bottle of supply is immersed in a larger bottle or container of water. When lifted, smoke appears inside the small bottle. At this moment, the napa is pulled out and the bottle is lowered so that, under the influence of gravity, the smoke enters the lungs.

Now you can buy different types of smoking caps. Various materials are used for their production:

  • Ceramics are very attractive products that are often produced in the shape of a skull, ready for a certain famous character (Darth Vader and others), but it should be borne in mind that ceramics is a very fragile material, so the cap should be used with care;
  • metal – these supplies are durable and strong;
  • clay - such caps are pleasant to the touch, they heat up evenly, and are easy to wash;
  • plastic and wood (there is a combustion chamber inside the hood) - the outer part of these hoods does not heat up, so they are most convenient to use.

The design of the cover assumes the presence of very small holes already made. With their help, it is possible to smoke very finely ground herbs. In addition, because of them, the cap quickly becomes clogged. During smoldering, a large volume of resins is released, they begin to drain, thereby clogging the gaps. After several smoking sessions, you can see that the smoke comes out heavily. In this situation, you can solve the problem by poking holes with a needle or toothpick. 

Where to buy match with delivery

The Smartshop-smartshop® online store offers a wide range of caps made from various materials and in different designs. You can order smoking products from us with delivery to all cities of Ukraine.