Growbox lighting

CoolTube 125х425 mm with reflector
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A light source can give life to a new plant. It doesn't have to be natural. Science has advanced a lot. With the advent of artificial light, there is an incredibly valuable opportunity to grow all kinds of crops at any time of the year. Even in winter, when it is impossible to grow something of high quality and yield.

With the help of light, the plant synthesizes photosynthesis, which converts water and carbon dioxide into organic substances.

It is very important to choose a light source to give your plant the best conditions for life. At the end of the season, it will thank its grower with a generous harvest.

Artificial light sources are divided into different types. For each variety, growth and size of the bush, you can select your own lighting. Each of them has a lot of differences so that the grower can select exactly the light that will bring him a big harvest.

Grow box lighting:


The most affordable and reliable lighting option for hemp. Very popular with growers. The service life is from 5 to 10 years. Fito lamps do not emit heat, to minimize the risk of fire. Very resistant to voltage drops.

Many manufacturers give a one-year warranty on their product. They do not use a lot of electricity, are environmentally friendly, and most importantly, safe. The intensity of the spectrum does not change with time of use.

The main difference is that ultraviolet light kills harmful bacteria, while infrared light stimulates plant growth.

Phyto lamps are divided into several types:

  • Multi-spectrum - shines in white, blue, red and infrared. Stimulates germination, flowering and fruiting. Shines white, blue, red.
  • Bicolor - suitable as an additional light for the main lighting. Favorably affects photosynthesis and plant growth.
  • Full spectrum - completely replaces sunlight. Able to give the plant the right amount of light in complete darkness.

Sodium lamps (HPS)

Leader in grow box lighting. Able to provide excellent lighting for hemp even in winter. It is very popular among growers. The main advantage of a sodium lamp is a strong light output. No lamp is capable of emitting such an amount of ultraviolet radiation.

The principle of its operation is rather complicated: sodium vapor is placed into the flask under high pressure, a silicon tube with aluminum oxide passes from the flask.

DNAT - gas discharge lamp, prone to strong heating. The grower should monitor its temperature, because often this lamp has caused a fire. But if you choose a quality grow box made from good materials, then you don’t have to worry about this, because such grow boxes are made of special fabrics that repel heat and are not prone to fire.

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LED lamps for grow boxes (LED)

The most modern and environmentally friendly type of lamps. It consists of many LEDs that spray light evenly over the surface of the entire grow box. LED bulbs do not tend to heat up like HPS, so it will be easier for the grower to monitor the climate in the grow box.

Very energy saving. They consist of many diodes of 0.18 watts each. LED has a very long lifespan when properly maintained. Using an LED lamp, the grower gets the full spectrum of light that the plant needs.

The only drawback of the LED lamp was the price. Since this lamp is a new generation, the price is higher than others.

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