Hemp Seed Fertilizers

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Hemp Seed Fertilizers

Fertilizers are chemical and organic substances that make the soil more fertile. Saturate it with all the necessary elements for the favorable growth of the plant.

It is necessary to feed the soil in order to get the maximum yield. The main macroelements will help to reveal the full potential of the plant: N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), K (potassium).

If there is a deficiency of at least one element in the substrate, the plant will not give a good result. It will be prone to disease, hard to endure temperature changes, drought and physical damage.

Fertilizers for hemp are of two types.

Organic fertilizers

Natural environmentally friendly top dressing for the soil. Able to saturate the soil with all the necessary substances. Organic fertilizers are: humus, compost, peat, fermentation waste. But they may contain trace elements that can cause damage to the plant.

For example, diseased leaves were turned into ashes and mixed with soil, a plant was planted in it, and it picked up the same disease. This plant can be cured only by transplantation. Cannabis is notoriously bad at handling such an event. Even a mature bush in the flowering stage can, at best, lose part of the crop, and at worst, die.

To prevent this from happening, farmers use fungicides, these are chemicals that kill the fungus on plants. Naturally, these are extra costs.

Mineral fertilizers

Specially bred in the laboratory, fertilizers also do not harm the environment, they are absolutely safe for the plant. Protect the bush from fungal diseases, make it more resistant to external factors. Save money and time for the grower. Easy to use.

And the main advantage is that the packages of mineral substances are already labeled for these different varieties of hemp seeds. This is a great cheat sheet for a beginner. You will give exactly the amount of minerals that you need and get a wonderful result. But do not overdo it with stress, there is a risk of “burning” the plant.

You can buy fertilizers for hemp in the online store®. Diverse and safe range for cannabis. Here you will find fertilizers to accelerate the growth of cannabis, top dressing during the growing season and favorable flowering. Everything a grower needs for a good harvest.

With the help of mineral top dressing, you can grow cannabis in hydroponics (without soil). In this case, the plant will not be susceptible to disease at all. Photoperiod cannabis varieties are ideal for this growing method. They are prone to cloning and thrive without a substrate.

Fertilizers to accelerate the growth of cannabis

Nitrogen is essential for good growth. It stimulates all plant cells to divide, saturates them with oxygen and speeds up metabolic processes. Nitrogen is needed by cannabis in the early stages of life. In the process of germination, the seed needs a boost in growth in order to stay a ball of soil and give new leaves.

Deficiency of nitrogen minerals appears on the leaves in a bright yellow color, and its surplus - in a dark green tint.

Shop fertilizers for hemp are necessary for normal growth and development. Most experienced growers use a "clean" substrate with no impurities and based on the variety and type of crop can choose an individual amount of fertilizer.

Phosphorus minerals are needed at the flowering stage. Phosphorus saturates hemp buds with THC and resins, and makes it more resistant to external factors.

Potassium fertilizers have a beneficial effect on the root system, allowing hemp to take all the elements in the required amount.

Also, do not forget about trace elements, they are necessary for the overall health of marijuana. These include: Zn, Ca, Br, Na, Si and others.