Сomponents AST

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The lighting system must use appropriate high-quality HPS components in order to maintain optimal lighting in the greenhouse or grow box. Running sodium lamps may require only one electronic device or several devices. The first option allows you to automate the process of growing marijuana, but its cost is quite high. If you want to save on lighting, you can purchase all components separately.

Which components of DNAT are used most often

To create optimal lighting for growing cannabis in a grow box, you need to use several elements:

  • IZU. The device is responsible for creating the initial push and starting the system. Its power can vary within 70-400 W.
  • Choke. This is a filter that maintains the charge in the lamp. It also allows you to block sudden voltage surges, so the lamp will not break prematurely before the end of its service life.
  • Capacitor. This element is responsible for balancing reactive power, reducing the load on the protective device. The purchase of a capacitor should not be ignored, since otherwise the plugs will be knocked out and the joints of the wires will begin to melt.
  • Cartridge. This is the simplest element. For large lamps it is necessary to use an E40 ceramic lamp base.

When choosing the appropriate components, you should definitely focus on the quality of the products. Our online store offers the best lighting components to ensure optimal growth of your plants in your grow room. You can independently select all the necessary components of the DNAT in order to assemble exactly the system that you need.