Perforated paper

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If you think that the trend for rolling cigarettes is a thing of the past, then this is far from the case. A unique technology for smoking tobacco (and not only it) is quite common in our progressive times. Cigarette paper is second only to the quality of the smoking mixture in importance. Making your own rolled-up cigarettes is your individual choice of size, level of strength, density and filling from plant substances.

Features of tissue paper and how to choose it

Special paper for joints is presented in the form of rectangular sheets and a certain size. An adhesive layer can be applied to the edge (to make it convenient and easy to twist) or not. On our website, it is presented in packages containing a certain number of sheets. There may also be a whole roll inside that needs to be torn off in separate portions for joints.

If you want to buy tissue paper for rolling papers, then in order not to make a mistake with your choice, you should consider several important points:

  • paper thickness - the smaller this value, the more difficult the paper to use; at the same time, very thick sheets change the taste of smoke during smoking, so you should choose a middle ground;
  • scent – on sale, you can find classic cellulose-based paper without additives or scented options;
  • raw materials - most often paper is made from cellulose, but it can also be made from bamboo, rice, flax, corn and other things, but the first option is universal.

If you prefer traditional smoking or want to try out your preference for rolling cigarettes, then we can find high-quality paper for creating them. In addition, Smartshop-smartshop® offers a variety of other souvenirs to take your herbal smoking experience to the next level.