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LED is a new generation of lamps. Now they are at the peak of popularity among growers and growers. The main advantage of LED marijuana lamps is their durability. They are ready to last more than 10 years, with proper use. Not a single phyto lamp can boast of such a long service life. Also, this type of lamp does not heat up like DNAT lamps.

Completely safe for indoor use. Such lamps synthesize infrared rays. With their help, the plant can grow much faster. LED lamp is the best lamp for growing marijuana and other plants.

The key to cannabis lighting is the quality and timing of the lighting. Autoflowering cannabis plants need 18 hours of daylight and 6 hours of absolute darkness. And for feminized cannabis varieties, you require 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of rest. The grower needs to keep track of the lighting time, otherwise the plant will start to get sick more often and change the color of the leaves. In order not to be tied to lighting, you can purchase special sensors for phyto lamps that turn off and turn on the light themselves when required.

Types of LED lamps

LED pendant lamp 50-W, L-50

Such lamps will fully provide ultraviolet radiation to one large or two small bushes. The height of the lamp must be adjusted based on the growth of the plant. For example, when the seed has just sprouted, the lamp can be hung 20 cm higher from the leaves.

The LED is the main source of light, and one lamp contains 150 LEDs.

LED pendant lamp 70-W, L-70

The power of the lamp is enough to provide 3-4 bushes with ultraviolet rays. Such a lamp can be used as an additional light or as the main one. If you plant the entire window sill with bushes, then all the plants will have enough light from one such lamp, because it contains 230 LEDs with a power of 70 watts. It is worth noting that the maximum temperature of the lamp can reach 45 C. This temperature is not capable of harming the plant.

LED pendant lamp 100-W, L-100

A very powerful lamp, contains 300 LEDs, which can provide light to a small plantation. It is 0.4 meters long and 0.24 meters wide.

LED lamps have a unique ability to kill microorganisms that can harm the cannabis bush or other plant. The powerful luminous flux of 10,000 lm destroys even harmful bacteria.

LED pendant lamp 1500-W, L-1500

Aluminum housing stores 450 LEDs. Such a large amount kills even fungal organisms.

This lamp can completely replace sunlight. LED lamps stimulate the process of photosynthesis much faster than sunlight. Therefore, the plant under such lamps grows faster, and gives much better fruits.

Where to buy LED lamps for growing marijuana

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Also, we remind you that the germination and sowing of marijuana in Ukraine is prohibited by law, we recommend using the purchased equipment for legal purposes or countries where hemp cultivation is allowed.