Growbox reflectors

CoolTube 125х425 mm with reflector
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When growing plants, not only ventilation is of greater importance, but also proper lighting. To organize everything as needed, you need to use the appropriate lamp for your home grow room. In this situation, different types of lamps can be used:

  • sodium;
  • luminescent;
  • energy saving.

With the help of lamps, it is possible to create an imitation of natural sunlight, which is indispensable in the implementation of plant photosynthesis. One of the most effective solutions for creating optimal lighting inside a grow room is sodium lamps. The presented lighting devices are created from 2 main components: a burner and an outer bulb.

Types of lamps for HPS

Despite the fact that sodium lamps provide a lot of light, are quite economical and durable (can last more than 20,000 hours), they have one significant drawback - they emit a lot of heat during operation. This disadvantage can be mitigated with the help of auxiliary equipment - that is why there are ventilated and non-ventilated units on the market. Each has its own characteristics:

  • Not ventilated luminaire. The optimal solution for a small room where natural air exchange occurs. These are the simplest and most affordable options.
  • Ventilated lamps. These units do not heat the air so much during operation, thereby providing high-quality ventilation in the grow box or room where plants are grown.
  • In addition to lamps, you can also purchase a reflector for HPS and other units in our online store to create an optimal lighting system. We offer exclusively high-quality equipment for growing plants.