Substrates for cannabis

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Peat germination tablet
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Substrates for cannabis

Every grower wants to give their plant the very best, so that at the end of the season it will thank him with a great harvest. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the super-soil for marijuana:

Plagron LightMix soil mixture 50 l

The peat substrate was made in the Netherlands from selected substrates. This substrate is completely free from fungus, bacteria, and microorganisms. Incredibly light soil is enriched with all the necessary fertilizers. Ideal for seedlings. Thanks to this composition, the root system can develop quickly.

  • pH - 6.7;
  • EU - 0.7-1.1;
  • N-12, P-14, K-24.

Such a set of fertilizers will give the plant a complete set of macronutrients for a week. Next, the grower will need to select fertilizers based on the growth phase. For example:

  • During the growing season, plants require more nitrogen fertilizers (they provoke growth and full development);
  • During the flowering phase, the plant needs phosphorus trace elements to make the bush more resistant to diseases and saturate the fruits with all the necessary substances;
  • Potassium fertilizers are mainly applied towards the end of flowering to complete the maturation of resinous buds.

Plagron GrowMix soil mixture 50 l

The highest quality soil was brought from Estonia. The substrate for hemp contains the waste product of worms and a set of all macronutrients. Fertilizers are enough for full growth and development for as long as 3 weeks.

  • pH - 6-7;
  • EU - 0.7-1.1;
  • NPK 12-14-24.

A light substrate helps the roots develop faster. Such super soil for marijuana perfectly conducts air and moisture. Also, it does not contain trace elements that can provoke cannabis diseases. Plagron GrowMix is ​​the best substrate for growing cannabis.

Coconut substrate

Cannabis is a plant that loves fresh air. Any stagnation of water or air in the soil awakens anaerobic bacteria to multiply. Such bacteria can completely spoil the soil. Acidity rises and the soil becomes uninhabitable. As a result, the plant dies.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to mix the soil with coconut fiber (80% soil - 20% coco substrate). This mixture will completely protect cannabis from fungal and bacterial diseases.

Peat sprouting tablet

The perfect place to grow seedlings! Peat provokes full-fledged root growth, and the plant itself from the very beginning of life receives all the necessary macro and microelements.

It is much safer to germinate seeds in a peat tablet than in any other way. All you need to do is drop one seed into the hole in the center of the tablet and fill it with filtered water. Observe germination for 4 to 7 days, as soon as the first leaves open, you can transplant into the main pot along with the capsule.

Never take the seedlings out of the capsule! There is a huge risk of damaging the root.

Mineral wool

Great solution for hemp seed germination. The principle of application is the same as in peat tablets. A germinated plant receives vital elements from the first days.

In a reliable online store you can buy the best soil for autoflowering and feminized plants.

We remind you that the germination and sowing of hemp in Ukraine is prohibited by law, we recommend using purchased substrates on legal plants or in countries where hemp cultivation is allowed.