Filters for growboxes

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Growbox filters are an indispensable element responsible for purifying the air and removing unpleasant odors. The most popular are carbon filters, which use special activated carbon inside to trap molecules that carry unpleasant odors.

How to choose the right filter for your grow box

To ensure optimal air circulation, you should definitely use carbon filters for your grow room. When choosing the right model, you need to consider several important points:

  • 1. Suitable size. Please note that you need to install a ventilation pipe or air duct. These devices must be measured accurately to ensure they are installed correctly.
  • 2. Filter performance level. This indicator is indicated per m3 (for example, 250 m3). The filter performance must match this parameter in the fan or be greater.
  • 3. Filter flange diameter. This indicator should be identical to the fan or ducts installed in the grow box.

In order for your new filter to last as long as possible, you should ensure that the humidity in the grow box is above 65%, otherwise the product will lose its effectiveness. During the growing season, when the humidity should be 55-65%, it is better not to use a filter at all for now, since during this period no special air purification is required. In addition, filters should be changed promptly to ensure they effectively clean the air.

If you need a high-quality filter for your growbox, then in our catalog you can find products for effective air purification and removing odors. Before placing an order, be sure to study the filter parameters so that it matches your ventilation system or contact our consultants.