Electronic ballasts for HPS

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Lighting systems for cannabis and plants in general consist of several components. The most important of them is the electronic ballast for HPS - this is ballast, which is a set of ballasts. This element serves as an optimal replacement for many individual components: capacitor, inductor and IZU. At the base, the ballast combines all the settings of the presented components. With its help, you can:

  • starting the combustion process in HPS;
  • maintaining uniform burning of the lamp;
  • adjusting the intensity of the light flux.

An electronic ballast is an electronic device responsible for starting and controlling a lighting system based on gas-discharge lamps. The sodium lamp ballast is equipped with built-in protection against voltage surges and short circuits. As a result, the system will last a long time.

Why is it worth buying electronic ballasts for HPS

Ballast is not only a starting and control device that ensures optimal lighting performance. This is also a guarantee of safety, since in this way it will be possible to leave the grow box with the lights on unattended, without worrying that a surge in the electrical network may affect the operation of the system. In addition, the advantages of electronic ballasts for HPS include the following:

  • Economical energy consumption. Using ballast, it is possible to reduce electricity consumption by 30%.
  • Quiet operation. There are separate models for use outdoors or indoors. Outdoor options work harder and get warmer. Indoor models operate silently and do not heat up as much.

High-quality components are the basis for long-lasting and efficient lighting for growing your plants. In our online store, you can buy ballast for your grow box and other necessary components to obtain a high-quality harvest.