Spare parts for bongs

Female Bong Bowl 18.5mm
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Spare parts for bongs

Most fans of kana culture are faced with the need to purchase spare parts for bongs in our Smartshop-smartshop® online store in order to improve their units or replace faulty or outdated parts. In addition, new components can be used to improve the quality of smoking.

What spare parts can you buy for a bong

In our catalog, you can find a variety of spare parts for bongs. Most often, he buys the following items:

  • Bong bowl. This is a container for the mixture itself. It can be round or cone-shaped, and has a through hole at the bottom so that smoke enters the pulley. It is the bowl that determines how well your mixture will be ignited and warmed up.
  • Skiff. This is a bowl (or an outlet under it) along with a tube that goes under the water. Spare parts may have different diameters, tube lengths, and materials of manufacture, so these parameters must be taken into account.
  • Diffuser. The device is necessary in order to clean the smoke as much as possible with water. The diffuser is mounted on the end of the pulley and mixes smoke and water, at the same time making the smoke cooler and softer.
  • Filters. They do cooling and clean the smoke from impurities. Carbon filters are most often used.
  • Plug. This element is needed to prevent the bong from spreading its characteristic aroma while it sits idle.
  • Percolator (cooler). Allows you to create a pleasant smoke that will not burn the mucous membrane. More often, it is presented in the form of a system of tubes that split the hot flow into several jets.

If you want to immerse yourself in the amazing culture of smoking, then you definitely need to buy a bong in Ukraine in our online store. In addition to bongs, you can order all the necessary parts to enjoy clean and pleasant smoke.