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A tobacco or herb press is a special device that is used to compress a herbal mixture into what is often called a puck, coin, or die. The presented form of storage is used for preservation and maximum long-term preservation of plant material. Full pressing requires 8-12 hours. But keep in mind that if you leave the washer pressed for longer than 48 hours, it may stick to the body.

Why you should buy a grass press: product advantages

A hand press is most typically made from durable and corrosion-resistant material. The main advantages of using this device include:

  • When using a mixture pressed into a puck, it is possible to minimize the risk of accidental loss of the mixture, since it cannot crumble and will not be picked up by gusts of wind;
  • Coin storage allows you to reduce the amount of space required to store your tobacco;
  • it is much more convenient to use;
  • Pre-made dies, placed in an airtight container in a cool, dry, dark place, can be stored for several months, and pressed coins can be vacuum-sealed for maximum longevity.

Buying a press is a great way to increase the storage time of smoking mixtures, make them compact, and also improve their quality. Using a press requires a little practice to achieve the optimal ratio of applied volume of smoking mixture and pressure to obtain the best discs.

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