Pots and containers for growing

Pot made of special fiber 10l.
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Pots and containers for growing

To create the most favorable conditions for the growth of the root system, you should definitely use appropriate pots for cannabis. Marijuana roots must be in a humid environment and receive oxygen. They also require nutrients, and for the absorption of minerals they need an optimal pH level. Equally important is a pot of sufficient volume so that powerful roots have the necessary space for growth and development.

What are remarkable about grow boxes, their features

A grow box is a container for growing cannabis made from special fiber. Also, these pots are often called “smart”. Their popularity is due to the fact that they create optimal conditions for cannabis roots. In grow boxes, root shoots easily pass through the canvas. After they come out, they undergo air pruning - they begin to gradually dry out, and the root system is redirected to another plane to create the ideal shape.

The main advantages of grow bags include:

  • allow the formation of a branched root system of cannabis;
  • can be used repeatedly;
  • guarantee optimal air exchange;
  • resistant to the formation of fungus, mold, pathogenic bacteria;
  • have a compact size;
  • Easy to transport.

You should also take into account one feature of grow box - their soil dries out quite quickly. Therefore, plants need to be watered frequently. If you can’t do this, then you just need to buy a pot 2 times larger - it will have enough soil to retain moisture for a longer period.

Plastic pots for growing cannabis

A plastic pot for cannabis is a classic option for growing plants. The main advantages of these products include the following:

  • low price;
  • Large assortment - different shapes, sizes, shades.

In principle, plastic containers are well suited for growing cannabis. But pay attention to an important condition - they must have a drainage hole at the bottom. If you don’t have it, you can do it yourself. This is necessary in order to prevent possible stagnation of water.

Large selection of pots and containers for cannabis in the Smartshop-smartshop®

You should not ignore the need to choose an appropriate pot for cannabis, since the development of the root system depends on this container. In our online store, you will find everything for growing cannabis at home - from pots to lighting systems and other products.