Growboxes for growing cannabis seeds

GrowBox Pro100GrowBox 40x40x120 cm
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GrowBox Pro100GrowBox 60x60x120 cm
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Growboxes for growing cannabis seeds

Grow box - a device for planting and growing cannabis and various plants at home. Helps growers to give the plant exactly the habitat that is ideal for it. The more favorable the environment, the more and better the harvest.

The grow box has a geometric structure that resembles a box. In it, the grower is able to create a unique microclimate that is ideal for the crop.

The home grow box has become an integral part of the modern cultivation of hemp and other plants. With it, it is easy to get a good harvest at the end of the season.

Home grow box - is it worth buying

Types of cannabis houses differ only in size, and the material from which the grow box is made is the same:

Dense fire-resistant textile in dark green. Such a fabric does not let the sun's rays through, keeps the optimum temperature and humidity inside the grow box.

The inner fabric resembles thick foil. It repels light and does not heat up.

You can buy growbox equipment: ventilation, lighting, thermostats in the® online store with a quality guarantee and secure payment. Save your time and order a grow box with equipment in one store.

These growbox add-ons are necessary for the full growth of your plant. Without lighting, the seed will not even germinate, and without ventilation, the smell will be throughout the room.

Growbox dimensions

Mini Growboxes

Small, able to accommodate only one bush up to one meter. It doesn't take up a lot of space and can easily fit even in a small apartment. This type of grow box is ideal for small autoflowering varieties such as: Auto AK-47 (80 cm), Auto Afgani feminized (90 cm), Auto iMo feminized (110 cm). Small plants with big potential, perfect for this grow box.

Medium grow boxes

They can fit two small plants or one solid one. This space is enough for the bushes without exposing them to competition. For this box, you need more space, but the yield will be correspondingly larger.

Auto feminized cannabis varieties such as: Auto American Pie Feminized (80-150 cm), Auto Amnesia Gold Feminized (70-160 cm), Amnesia Autoflowering CBD Feminized (110-170 cm) will feel great in such a house. These varieties can be grown both one by one and two bushes in one grow box, and the crop will not suffer.

Large grow boxes

A huge box that requires a lot of space. This is a whole greenhouse in your home. Such a box can accommodate a large plant or three small ones. In any case, the plant will feel great.

For large grow boxes, feminized varieties that can grow outdoors are suitable. For example: Bubba Kush Feminized (250 cm), Amnesia Autoflowering CBD Feminized (170 cm), C99 Feminized (200 cm), California Hash Plant Feminized (250 cm). All varieties are very productive and give an excellent harvest. Not fussy and easy to grow, suitable even for inexperienced growers.

Where to get a grow box

It is virtually impossible to make a grow box with your own hands. After all, you need to understand all the intricacies and details of this device. Buy expensive fabrics of the highest quality and spend a lot of time building it. We advise you to save precious time and buy a ready-made grow box.

Buying a grow box in Ukraine is not a problem. It is enough to go to the site® and choose exactly the grow box that is suitable for a particular crop. The choice and assortment is diverse, all products are of high quality.