Growing accessories

Lumii Lamp Hangers
Digital scales
Clamp 100 mm.
Clamp 125 mm.
Connector 100 mm.
Adapter 100 х 125 mm
Ventilation suspension straps
Scrog net 60 x 100 cm
Scrog net 120 x 150 cm
Connector 125 mm.
Adapter 125 x 150 mm.
Growing accessories

Each grower, when planting his plant, undertakes to take care of it and give the plant a favorable environment. To make the grower's life easier and the growing process more enjoyable, you can use growing accessories. No grower can do without these devices. The necessary products for growboxes can be found in the reliable online store

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All you need to grow


Lamp hangers

Strong rope with four carabiners that securely hold the LED lamp. Also not capable of ignition and overheating. You can adjust the height of the rope on which the lamp will hang.

Belts for hanging ventilation

Ventilation is needed only for plants that emit a strong characteristic odor. All upholstered furniture, clothes and other interior details can be saturated with a pungent odor. To prevent this from happening, ventilation is simply necessary. Ventilation straps securely hold your entire structure. Their main advantage is their durability and convenience for fixing in the grow box.

Scrog Grid

This type of grid is used by growers for special growing with the Sog and Scrog method.

The Scrog method is widely used by experienced growers. It is to provoke the growth of the plant in width, not in height, and to make the plant more branchy. The plant should reach 35-40 cm in height, then the top stem is cut out and this grow box accessory - Scrog mesh is stretched to stop growth in height. This method is most commonly used for growing Sativa. It is able to quickly adapt and accelerates the growth of cones.

For the Sog method only plant clones are used. They are planted from 30 to 40 pieces per m2. It is necessary to tighten them with a net during the growing season. The cannabis will not grow up, but will give all its energy to the buds.

Such methods are only needed to increase the amount of yield from hemp.

Connectors and adapters

Required for ventilation, namely for a complete system. The grower needs to provide the plant with good air exchange so as not to provoke the reproduction of fungus, lichen and microorganisms that can harm the plant and reduce its yield. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of good air exchange even before the seed is planted.


A strong metal clamp will become an indispensable tool for equipping a grow box. With it, you can fix ultraviolet lamps, connect ventilation pipes and more.

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