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Type of variety
Predominantly Sativa
Variety type (genetics)
Ak 47/Lowryder
Flowering indoor
60 days
Indoor harvest
700 - 900 g/m²
Height indoor
80 - 125 cm
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An excellent variety that has been a classic for many years. The most unpretentious of its kind, with a pleasant smell and unique taste. Ak 47 - fell in love with all rastafans because of its unique soft effect. In the variety, indica (35%) and sativa (65%) are most competently assembled.

Auto Ak 47 feminised breeders obtained by crossing two varieties of cannabis: Ak 47 x Lowryder.

Features of the variety Auto Ak 47 feminised

  • THC -20%, CBD -0.1%.
  • The yield is 400-600 g / m², which is approximately 200 g per bush.
  • The flowering period lasts for 7-9 weeks.
  • The height of the bush is quite small - from 85 to 120 cm. Great for home or greenhouse cultivation.
  • When flowering, cannabis gives off a pungent, characteristic odor. Therefore, it is important not to forget about the ventilation of the room.

Appearance Auto Ak 47 feminised

A small plant, densely covered with resinous downed cones. White trichomes are located throughout the cannabis bloom. Thin leaves sparkle in the sun due to the thin coating of resin and pores with THC crystals. The unusual look and pleasant aroma will create an amazing atmosphere.

This variety has won many nominations over the years of existence due to its excellent characteristics.

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