Auto iWidow feminised

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Brands iSeeds
Type of variety
Ruderalis, Indika
Variety type (genetics)
Flowering indoor
70 days
Indoor harvest
700 - 900 g/m²
Height indoor
80 - 130 cm
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Auto iWidow Feminised (White Widow) - seeds of one of the best-selling cannabis varieties. It has long occupied all the tops of sales, and every year its popularity is only growing. Many breeders are trying to repeat the success of the White Widow with new hybrids, but not many succeed. After the debut release in Holland on sale, she won the hearts of not only growers and amateurs, but also experienced gourmets.

What is special about her? It is famous for its generous yield, quality resinous buds and incredible potency.

Features Auto iWidow Feminised

  • THC level is 23%
  • The plant height is only 60-150 cm, which automatically makes the plants suitable for indoor cultivation
  • Despite its small size, Auto iWidow Feminised is famous for its good harvest. From a bush you can collect from 100 to 250 grams of the product. This is 450-650 gamma per square meter
  • The flowering of Auto iWidow Feminised is extraordinarily beautiful and lasts about 60-70 days. Many growers love the sight and smell of the incredible White Widow.
  • The smell of this variety resembles a fruit and flower garden with spicy notes. During the flowering period, a characteristic fruity odor is released, which can be easily removed with a little ventilation.

Growing Auto iWidow Feminised

The White Widow is characterized by its wide leaves, knocked down by resinous cones, a large and branched stem. By all appearances, it resembles a pure Indica. The plant itself has little immunity against mold and fungus, but it must be constantly strengthened, fertilized and prevented against diseases. The main thing is not to overdo it, as the plant can "burn out" from a large amount of fertilizer. The White Widow is a very water-loving plant, therefore, the main thing is not to forget about watering with clean water. It is important to monitor the acidity of the soil (pH), its optimal indicator is 6.5-7. Experienced growers recommend cultivating the White Widow variety using the SoG method to achieve maximum harvest performance.

Auto iWidow Feminised Effect

A quick burst of endorphin in the blood, which helps to forget about problems. The body smoothly goes into a state of euphoria. The first stage lasts about two hours, during which time you immerse yourself in your innermost desires and dreams. The second stage gives the body a tonic effect, complete peace and harmony. It is best to feel all these emotions and feelings in the evening, when no one will disturb you and you can stay with yourself.

Medical use

The White Widow is most often used in psychotherapy, against prolonged depression, frequent stress. It is also used for more serous diseases such as asthma, epilepsy and muscle spasms. Our online store offers to buy seeds Auto iWidow Feminised in various packages at affordable prices.

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